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 Haro bicycles are built for speed and flight!

Haro has been a huge name in the BMX world since 1977 when they first began making parts and accessories. Now, they offer an amazing line-up of freestyle, jumping, and racing BMX bikes, as well as sweet mountain bikes. Check out this sampling of some of our favorites!

Get away on the Haro Escape!
Haro's Escape models are super-fun all-mountain hardtails built to handle everything from cross country, to urban assault, to dirt jumping, to just about anything that involves two wheels and a good time. The Escape boasts a Marzocchi MZ Race 120mm-travel fork with lockout for excellent acceleration and climbing, and top-notch comfort and control when you're pushing your limits. Plus, the TruVativ/SRAM/Shimano 24-speed drivetrain offers quick shifting and the Hayes mechanical discs deliver all the stopping power you need. Plus, you'll love the TruVativ bars and stem and WTB saddle, too.
The Sonix is a great trail bike! Haro's Sonix bicycles deliver the perfect blend of race-worthy function and hedonistic comfort. With Haro's ultra-smooth and efficient 120mm-travel Virtual Link rear suspension, and the 100mm-travel RockShox Tora 318 Air fork, the Sonix delivers plenty of super-smooth suspension for the rough stuff. Plus, it's extremely capable on the climbs, too. This sweet ride boasts some of the best spec going, including a full-Shimano 27-speed drivetrain, Shimano hydraulic discs, WTB wheels and tires, and Ritchey handlebars, stem and seatpost. It even comes with Shimano clipless pedals.
The .357 Nine will absorb the biggest hits!
Torturous terrain is no match for Haro's .357 Nine. You'll practically float over rocks, roots and drop-offs with 228mm of travel. Haro's rugged aluminum frame is matched superbly to a 203mm-travel RockShox Boxxer fork. Plus, the Sun Singletrack wheels and TruVativ Hussefelt cranks can really take a pounding when working the rock gardens. And, the lightning-quick SRAM X-7 shifting keeps you pedaling easy on flatter sections while the Hayes HFX-9 hydraulic discs provide total control.

Haro's SX Pro Race is a speedster on the track!Haro's SX Pro Race translates every ounce of power into speed. This track burner features Haro's Pro frame made from 7005 aluminum and a uniquely formed top tube to enhance lateral rigidity and power transfer. Plus, the stiff TruVativ cranks are solid under pressure and the chromoly race fork carves corners with precision. And, Sun's Rhyno Lite rims and sealed hubs roll fast while the grippy tires keep you in total control.

 The Nyquist Three is ready for your style and flare! Double your dirt-shredding skill level aboard Haro's Nyquist Three. Ryan Nyquist's Signature frameset delivers the strength and ruggedness of chromoly steel and of course, pro-level geometry. The sealed 3-piece cranks are made tough to take the big hits on dirt and in the park. Plus, with trusted components from Haro, a cable detangler and 2 pegs, your trick roster will grow right along with your smile.
The Backtrail X24 is precision in flight!Climb aboard the Backtrail X24 and say goodbye to gravity. Its cruiser geometry and chromoly frameset help you rail the berms and the 24-inch wheels just keep on rolling. Plus, you'll appreciate all the other dirt-jumping extras, such as the stout chromoly cranks and genuine Oryg cable detangler. And during fast dirt sessions, the Alex rims and smooth Haro hubs roll strong while the Kenda tires keep you connected no matter what.
Stop by to check out our full selection of sweet Haro rides!