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Serotta Bicycles!

Serotta bicycles: when you want the best!
Serotta handcrafts bicycles with the best titanium, steel and carbon. Every frame is custom fit and custom built to your specifications. Innovation, cutting-edge design and a passion for perfection is revealed in the seamless welds and unparalleled quality. And, you won't believe the ride!

Let us fit you for a custom Serotta today!

What makes Serotta better? According to Ben Serotta, "There are lots of great bikes, so there's only one reason for Serotta to build another one. It has to be better." What's "better?" How about a bike that goes faster, longer and requires less energy to do it!? At Serotta, this quest is the singular vocation, and their pursuit has consistently opened the door to new possibilities in custom and stock frames. It has also earned Serotta an international reputation for groundbreaking achievements in bicycle design.

To Serotta's credit come a long list of firsts, including the first US-made aero pursuit frames, the first modern geometry mountain bikes and the first butted titanium tubes. Serotta Bicycles have been ridden in Tour de France stage victories and National, World and Olympic championships, too.

Serotta bikes sport smooth lines and a sweet ride!What makes Serotta special? It's their never-ending drive toward perfection in everything they do. When there was no tool available to build a frame the way they needed to, they built a new tool. When standard measurements failed to achieve an efficient position for every cyclist, they conjured the Serotta Size Cycle and Personal Fit system — the current standard in custom fitting. And when they needed ride-tuneable tubing to achieve their famous ride, they developed the Colorado Concept tubeset.

For 35 Years, Serotta has built every type of bicycle imaginable with an obsessive love for innovation and craftsmanship. Every day Ben and his staff of perfectionists ask "How can we make it better?" It's a relentless process fueled by passion and devotion to their craft. They design, build, break, redesign, rebuild, test and repeat. Only when Ben is satisfied and willing to put his name on the frame does a new design move to production.

Serotta's Ottrott is high-speed innovation!Every Serotta bicycle is individually handcrafted in Serotta's Saratoga Springs facility. All carbon and titanium used in their bicycles is also made in the US, including the composites, which are manufactured in Poway, California.

What makes Serotta is YOU! Because YOU believe in a better bike, one made to exacting standards using the highest quality materials by craftspeople who truly care. YOU believe that the best bike is one that behaves like an extension of your body — only better. Join the countless ecstatic Serotta owners and let us build your personal dream bike today!

Visit soon to see the Serotta difference in person!