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Guru Bicycles!

Guru - for the ride of your life!
Tony Giannascoli: Founder, master builder, painter, Guru Bikes!In 1993, a young engineering prodigy and bike expert named Tony Giannascoli set out to do what many had tried before him: to build the perfect bicycle. From the beginning, he did things differently, combining aerospace-inspired methods and materials with the passion for craftsmanship he inherited from his Italian ancestors.

One cyclist at a time, he custom built his offerings to deliver the perfect fit and therefore, the best possible ride. When his creation became a company, he named it Guru, based on his Guru bicycles' capacity to teach life lessons and inspire great moments.

A world-class ride starts with a world-class fit!According to Guru, it's pretty simple: if you're properly positioned (and thus comfortable), you'll push harder, more efficiently and more continuously on your bike. If you're not sore after a long ride, there's also a greater chance you'll be hammering away sooner and harder afterwards. Any way you look at it, it comes back to that glove-like fit. Guru calls it the “soul” of the bike, that perfect interaction between human and machine. Guru's mission is essentially to pinpoint the exact coordinates of that soul, and to subsequently build a singular bike that unleashes it.

Every Guru bicycle is built by hand with love!That's why every Guru bicycle is manufactured in house, just outside Montreal Canada. From bike design and engineering, to individualized geometry, carbon lay-up and molding, titanium/aluminum welding, parts machining and all the way to final paint. It's all done by hand by a crew of experienced craftsmen and bike-crazy engineers. The result: incomparable quality in the fabrication process and the consistent capacity to deliver a custom bicycle that rides exactly as specified.

When you get the chance, stop by the shop and run your fingers down the welds of a titanium or aluminum Guru and compare them to that of any leading competitor. Better still, get up close and personal with one of our carbon-frame Gurus and try to find a seam. In either case, you will have experienced a small dose of Guru's borderline-maniacal attention to detail. Then take a test spin. You'll enjoy a ride you never thought possible. Guru takes great pride in their work and we take pride in bringing their terrific rolling masterpieces to you. Swing by soon and check them out!