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Giant Bicycles - 3 Keys To Speed!

There are three bicycle properties that cyclists hold in the highest regard: Weight, Stiffness and Comfort. In their Defy, Avail and TCR road bicycle models, Giant perfectly balances these all-important benefits through the use of their Advanced Composite and ALUXX Aluminum technologies.

1. Weight
Lighter weight = more efficiency, easier acceleration and climbing!To make them as light as possible, Giant's road bikes are built in house with the highest-grade composites and aluminum. Lightness is important because it helps you climb easier and get up to cruising speed faster and with less effort. Giant's engineers use cutting-edge design and construction with the right amount of material where you need it and no excess material where you don't.





2. Stiffness
Giant bicycles are designed and constructed to get 100% of your pedal power to the ground!Every pedal stroke on a Giant bicycle powers you forward with 100% efficiency because Giant's engineers maximized the stiffness of the frame with computer analysis and state-of-the-art manufacturing that pushes the envelope of what's possible. Giant's frame materials, oversize bottom bracket and larger-diameter front ends ensure that you have more energy than ever before for authoritative sprints, amazing cornering at all speeds and superior climbing sitting and standing.





3. Comfort
Giant bicycles keep you super comfortable so that you can ride longer and stronger with less effort!Whether you're enjoying your favorite loop, duking it out in a criterium, or knocking off the miles on your club's century, you'll be amazed that a bicycle as light and stiff as Giant's Avail, Defy and TCR models, can be ride-all-day comfortable too. But, along with weight savings and stiffness, Giant put just as much engineering muscle into compliance and fit so that their bicycles soak up road vibrations, put you in the perfect riding position and basically keep you in the lap of luxury mile after wonderful mile. It all means you can ride stronger, longer and enjoy every ride even more.



By controlling construction from start to finish like this, and concentrating on the overall balance of weight, stiffness and comfort, Giant provides the best-riding bicycles for wherever the road takes you. Come take a test ride and experience the Giant difference for yourself!